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Get Inbox Placement Insight

Being actually shut out by at least only one primary ISP may impact the whole entire email advertising campaign.

By tracking shipment to all significant ISPs, we receive real-time where your advertising and marketing email finds yourself: Inbox, Spam, or Updates. And our experts conserve you money and time through aiding you track and repair feasible deliverability concerns.

You can review several exams sent out via different email providers to observe which email provider provides the most ideal deliverability and usage that company for your crucial email projects.

Check Online Reputation Before You Send out

Are any one of your Internet Protocol deals with or domain names on any kind of blacklists? If so, your email may not get to the inbox at all. We test your sending Internet Protocol against fifty+ of the most common industry blacklists and also help you diagnose as well as deal with deliverability concerns for continuous deliverability. Our global blacklist protection includes Spamhaus, SURBL, SORBS, Invaluement, as well as other blacklists.

You can setup a computerized procedure of checking your IPs versus blacklists and also be alerted through email when the Internet Protocol obtained specified.

Run Automatic Examinations

Evaluate your transactional or outreach email account verifications immediately often and also be actually informed through email when your message starts coming to the Spam directory at some of the chosen mailbox providers.

You can generate several email sending profiles using different SMTP settings and also operate automatic tests through various profiles to check each SMTP server and also determine deliverability problems when they occur.

E-mails that do not reach the Inbox won’t receive read!

Determine Risky Material

G-Lock Application inspections your email for high-risk content that may bring up a red flag along with an email carrier as well as form the difference between the Inbox or even spam/bulk directory shipment.

Gmail Button Tracking

You can easily get exposure into distribution performance at Gmail. G-Lock Apps tracks whether your email is delivered to the Gmail’s Main, Social, or Advertisings tabs.

Distribution Length Tracking

Delivery timeframe monitoring helps you calculate if there is actually an issue along with an ISP strangling as this could be hazardous for opportunity delicate promotions or even essential deal emails.

Spam Rating Testing

Our team operate your email information via usual spam filters like Spam Filter, Barracuda, SpamAssassin, and also Mimecast and return you a detailed feedback that typically indicates a specific information problem.

Inbox Fee Monitoring

G-Lock Apps tracks your Inbox, spam, and missed amounts offering you the absolute most precise as well as complete relevant information around your Inbox placement through project.

Verification Screening

G-Lock Apps inspections your sender authorization each opportunity you send an email to our seed listing. You’ll view whether your message is passing DKIM and also SPF authorization.

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